WaveXtend, why should I?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Out of 10 organizations that implemented Dynamics CRM 8 do not use the power / tools of marketing, because of lacking desired functionality; selections, calculations, etc. It's essential for customer-focused management to determine who your (key) prospects and customers are and how they can proactively treaded in order to create a bind with your company. For end users, these functionalities are essential to be included in the CRM application.

What could be user stories? 

• generate a task for an accountmanager telling him / her to examinate the intake order of a client, when the order intake of this client deviates from the normal order intake during the last 10 weeks

• calculate the persons age 

• a check on phone number format? 

• deduplicating the accounts and contacts?

• select the clients that ordered over 1 Million this year and send them a Christmas present

• decrease the number of members in a selection, for instance select the top 100.000 members according to the average donation because of a lack of budget 

• is this client’s bank account eleven test valid or perhaps in a non-existing bank?

• select the highest donation of an charity donor, add 5 Euros and suggest that he/she donates this new amount for an emergency fund-raising action

• take a random check of 5% from the selection of the members in a marketing list

Know your Customer by using the power of Dynamics CRM and WaveXtend, intelligent customizability!


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