With WaveXtend wine tastes better

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vinoscent is a young start-up company with the challenging task to objectify the human taste perception of wine.

What is it that they do:

Vinoscent is a company that qualifies and quantifies the chemical components that contribute to the aroma of wine.

How do they do this:

With a hypersensitive and fast analysis technique called proton-transfer-reaction-spectrophotometry we analyse the mass numbers of the volatile components in wine.

And after that:

At this point, WaveXtend Data Manipulation Framework comes in. WaveXtend developed an algorithm that is able to translate chemical data to readable aroma data.

The analysis and interpretation of aroma data is very complex.

Roughly, the aroma of wine exists of three groups:

1. The group of components that form the wine buffer

2. The group of components called the aroma enhancers.

3. The group of components that actually contribute to the taste.

Take in account that not every aroma component has the same odour impact and each of the components in a group influences the behaviour of components in other groups. You can imagine that there is a challenging task to fulfil for the database-designer to invent an algorithm that is capable of calculating this multi variable dataset and make a visual satisfying report


WaveXtend set up a CRM-environment with WaveXtend technology. The solution is an universal module that is easy to use.


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