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Thursday, April 9, 2015

WaveXtend ready for Dynamics CRM 2015!

 What are the benefits of using Data Manipulation Framework? The answer to that question is simple!

 There are no limitations in the number or complexity of calculations: 

  • Full list of aggregation operators including count (distinct), average and STDEV
  • Support for Excel syntax, so anyone can create calculations (57 Excel functions)
  • Support for Regular expressions
  • Full support for SQL syntax
  • Query data from external databases (any ODBC compliant database)
  • Support for Advanced find filters, SQL query filters and fetch XML filters
  • A list of typical CRM functions like business hour calculations for Service Level Management or soft-string comparison for look-alike-de-duplication
  • There are no limitations in the data of calculated attributes, even lookups, owner and record status calculation are supported
  • You have full control over the execution of calculations being on form, server triggers, workflow or time scheduled
  • All calculations can trigger workflows, plugins and visa versa
  • You have the ability to run more than 250 manual workflows at the time (unlimited workflows)
  • Greater control over advanced calculations, such as aggregations with unrelated data
  • Client and server side field data validations
  • It's possible to change data in existing records without form or server triggers (data cleansing)
  • We guarantee support for calculations in CRM 4, 2011, 2013 and 2015 and upgrade guarantees for all versions (no need to recode plugins or Javascript)

 So....if you like the concept of configured calculated attributes but you don't like to be limited in your efforts to deliver a customer solution, WaveXtend Data Manipulation Framework is the application you cannot afford to miss!


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