Data Manipulation Framework Features

Data Manipulation Framework offers the following features:


  • No coding required.
  • Support Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0*, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and CRM Online.
  • Configurable use in Workflows, On CRM forms and server plugins.
  • Excel Formula Expressions* include support for:
    • mathematical operations
    • string manipulation
    • fuzzy text matching
    • regular Expressions
    • basic date operations
    • business hours
    • logical operations
  • Supports the use of SQL statements (not for CRM online).

Data Type support

The ability to calculate attributes of the following datatypes:

  • Integer like how many orders did this customer do in this year.
  • Float like what's the average score this customer gives us in the enquiry.
  • Decimal like how many hours did our engineer spend doing the service activity.
  • Money like how much do we need to invoice on this case.
  • Datetime like what's the exact due date of this case related to the type of contract.
  • NVarchar like what's the full name including titles based on the prefix, firstname, middle name, last name and suffix.
  • Boolean like is this a returning customer.
  • Picklist like is this a regular or a big customer.
  • Lookup like what is the most recent complaint of this customer.
  • The Data Manipulation Framework automatically selects the data type to use in mixed data-type expressions .

Relational calculations

The ability to perform the following types of relational calculation:

  • Currenty entity calculation like profit is turnover minus cost on the order.
  • Aggregated calculation with downstream 1:N or N:N entities like customer value is the sum of all order amounts belonging to that customer.
  • Upstream entity calculation like a copy of the phone number on every open opportunity belonging to a customer when the phone number changes.
  • Calculations with entities without relation or more than one level removed from the target entity like global settings.
  • Calculations with unairy relationships like parent account.
  • Calculations with special system one to any relationships like regarding, resources or customer.

Conditional use

The Data Manipulation Framework uses the standard Dynamics CRM features to allow you to create filters when to apply a calculation

  • Filter the destination records, on returning customer only for example.
  • Filter the source records, on only orders made in the current year for example.

Triggering events

The ability to perform calculations on the following events:

  • Manual to set some default values of new attributes for example.
  • In scheduled batches to calculate values things like age or customer value over night.
  • In workflow to refresh the values like number of leads after import.
  • In workflow combined with entity context like calculate the case invoice amount on closure of a new service activity.
  • On form, when a field is updated for example to enforce the formatting of phone numbers and zip codes.
  • On form before a record is saved.
  • On the server during the create or update of a record, to enforce consistent automatic data manipulation, validation or formatting independant of the input channel* (form, import wizard or web service).

Configuration Functionality

The ability to check your calculations:

  • A test result window with the options to preview total result or only changes.
  • A query preview windows that support the configuration of advanced calculations.
  • Logging.
  • Schedules.


The ability to re-use your calculation configurations:

  • An export option for one, some or all configured calculations.
  • An import option for one, some or all configured calculations.
  • A copy calculation option to re-use common calculations.

* Some functionality is not available on CRM 4.0