Database Marketing Manager Features

Database Marketing Manager offers the following modules:

List Manager (4.0, 2011, 2013, 2015):

  • Add, change, remove or re-order selection steps in a marketing list.
  • Set the type of action per selection step to add, remove, evaluate or 'evaluate and add'.
  • Set the source for the action per selection step to advanced find query, saved view, other marketing list or individual members.
  • Choose advanced actions like random selection or top x selections.
  • Choose to perform advanced actions on the current marketing list or have a new one as the result.
  • Add individual members to a marketing list in workflow.
  • Refresh the marketing list manually, in scheduled batch or as part of workflow.

Segmentation Manager: (2011 on premise only)

  • Create segmentations on leads, contact or accounts.
  • Configure 3 to 5 segments per segmentation.
  • Segment on any numeric attribute in contact, lead or account.
  • Configure equal number of element segments.
  • Configure equal value size segments.
  • Configure standard deviation distance segments.
  • Configure metals, alphabet or manual named segments.